4 Reasons to Travel to Cefalu, Sicily

1. Wealthy, Combined History

Cefalu is one of the the best locations to get a true sense of Sicilian record. In this little shore town, you will discover a session locations of Roman, Arabic, Language, Grettle, and Historical societies.

High on the little hill, known regionally as La Rocca, you’ll look for the continues to be of the castle that once secured the town, along with ancient Historical wats or temples. Like the rest of Sicily, Cefalu was first resolved by the Greeks.

But, compared with many other places on the area, structure and social elements of the next surf of conquerors stay.

The tremendous, breath-taking Grettle Church.

The baroque chapels and structures in the standard town center.

Byzantine art.

All of these come together in Cefalu.

2. The Shore, Pescatourism, and the Sailing

Cefalu is home to a stunning expand of seaside that is frequented every summer months by people from around the world. The seaside is long, but slim, and is met by magnificent water from the Mediterranian.

The seaside satisfies a little fisherman’s slot that has been in use for over one-thousand years. The Porta Pescara (Fisherman’s Port), is used to produce little vessels in search of sardines, anchovies, and other little seafood, that are later marketed in the roads, on the shore, or at seafood marketplaces.

Cefalu is creating a successful pescaturism industry (like holidays, but done on vessels, educating guests a nearby sportfishing customs).

The town also has an exceptional boating trip industry. From Cefalu, it is possible to take a short vessel drive out to the Aeolian isles. Trips of the shore and the Palermo area are also available. In summer months time, it is even possible to cruise around the entire shore of Sicily; an memorable encounter.

3. Shopping

Cefalu’s main road, Corso Ruggero, serves some of the best purchasing in all of France. There is a wonderful combination of high-end shops, regional shops, artist shops, bars, clay shops, and more.

You can also shop the popular Weekend Market, which has regional craftsmen and plenty to eat.

If you like a bigger town encounter, Palermo is just a 40-minute practice drive away.

4. The Food

Food in all of Sicily is amazing. But, being a slot town, the seafood in Cefalu is world renowned. For the suburbs, there is a near-dizzying number of bakeries, bars, dining places, and food shops… not to discuss the pizzerias.

Once you eat a few foods in Cefalu, you’ll wonder how you ever resided without their food preparation.