WayangKulit Indonesia and explanation

Besides being rich in natural beauty, Indonesia is a country that is also awarded by the cultural wealth owned. Cultures can be found in various remote areas in Indonesia. Anyone who doubts the custom richness of Indonesia. One of the many known is the Indonesian shadow puppets. Wayangkulit is a rapidly growing culture on the island of Java. Wayangkulit character from Indonesia.Every region in Java itself also has the distinction each associated with a puppet skin. Shadow puppets themselves are made from buffalo skin that is processed later in the form as to produce various forms of puppets that can be witnessed by the audience. Usually every region in the form of puppet different Java.

In Java itself already has a variety of different forms of puppets, such as twisted keduwayangkulit, wayangkulitgagrag Yogyakarta, Surakarta gagrag shadow puppets, shadow puppets gagragbanyumasan, gagrag Javanese wayangkulit easterlies. Dalang is the most important part of Indonesian shadow puppets. Dalang is a shadow puppet play deftly, a puppeteer must have the ability of a performer so that the audience can be entertained by what is shown by a puppeteer. Puppeteer must also have knowledge of many of the wewayangan itself. in Indonesia alone there are some mastermind who is already well known. Puppeteers have been poor across the various regions in Indonesia as well as national level.

In a leather puppet itself has many components, misalnyas just the story itself, the mastermind who regaled with interesting language, sinden, and also musicians. Of the various components is certainly complement each other so that more and make beautiful puppet show Indonesia. Usually in the area in Indonesian wayangkulitditanggap to enliven large events such as circumcisions, weddings or other large events. Usually host a special fund that was used to hire a shadow puppet, then the stage will be installed in a field soil then surrounding communities will gather to watch. Usually starts at night and will be completed in the early morning.

Indonesian government should certainly have a good system to introduce a wide variety of Indonesian culture to the international sphere. Must be preserved by the people of Indonesia. For example, by teaching it in school classes Indonesia so that there is always a successor to be a mastermind or other components in the Indonesian shadow puppets. If no effort is right then the shadow play will only be remembered as a cultural and indigenous Indonesian performances by generations to come. One of the government’s efforts through kemenpar is to make Indonesia Travel website which will provide knowledge about the culture which is owned by Indonesia.